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Breaking Down Barriers for Mamas

Vote Mama Foundation​ is the leading source of research and analysis about the political participation of moms. We are breaking barriers moms face while running for office, normalizing moms running for office with young children, and enabling legislators to pass family friendly legislation.


We conduct research about the political participation of mamas and examine the effectiveness of American policies in meeting the needs of working families.


We work to break the institutional barriers moms face while running for office.  We provide federal, state, and local legislators and stakeholders  with the tools they need to pass family-friendly legislation.


We give voice to the issues that moms are silently facing and identify and bring visibility to the solutions that working families need.

Did you know...

Just 6%

of congressional representatives are moms of children 18 and under.

1 in 4

American women go back to work just 10 days after giving birth, and we are one of only two countries in the world without paid leave.

More than 50%

of Americans live in childcare deserts.

We lose $57 billion

each year in economic activity because of the lack of childcare.

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Campaign Funds for Childcare

In 2018 our Founder and CEO Liuba Grechen Shirley petitioned the Federal Election Commission, and became the first woman to receive federal approval to spend Campaign Funds on Childcare. Since that ruling, 59 federal candidates and more than 60 state candidates have used their campaign funds to pay for childcare. It is a vital resource for parents running for office and can help us get closer to achieving gender equity in politics. 


Vote Mama Foundation is working to expand the FEC ruling to all 50 states by 2025. We are the only organization helping state candidates petition their election commissions and working with legislators to introduce and pass legislation to approve the use of Campaign Funds for Childcare for state and local candidates. (Learn More, link to CFCC main page)

Can you use CAMPAIGN FUNDS FOR CHILDCARE in your state?

moms running for federal office.
dads running for federal office.
Democrats running for federal office.
Republicans running for federal office.
of the funds spent on childcare have been by women.
states have passed legislation.
states have allowed use through a ruling.

Issues We Care About



It’s time to fund childcare as

a public good. 



We are working with legislators and stakeholders across the country to build a national movement to pass Universal Childcare, but we cannot do it without also addressing quality.



More than half of Americans live in childcare deserts. The lack of access to childcare is a major barrier to class mobility.