The Vote Mama Foundation’s mission is to achieve gender equality, by breaking down barriers for working mothers to run for elected office, winning universal childcare for all Americans, and the use of campaign funds for childcare for all candidates running for office. 


We will elevate these issues among candidates, elected officials, and the American public so that they are no longer referred to as women’s issues, but as economic issues that affect all Americans. 


The lack of childcare in American costs us $57 billion each year in lost earnings, productivity and revenue. 


Having parents, especially mothers with young children in public office will change the conversation and priorities at the decision making table. 


Moms in Congress write and pass five more bills over the course of their term than other women do, and their legislation is focused on healthcare, childcare, education, paid family leave, and affordable housing for families. 


We are working in partnership with the Vote Mama Action Fund to develop family-friendly policies to help legislators empower families and improve the lives of American children. 


The Vote Mama Foundation is working to overcome the structural and cultural hurdles that mothers face while running for office and that legislators face while fighting for family-friendly legislation. We are working with candidates to petition their state and local election commissions, and with legislators to introduce and pass legislation to approve the use of campaign funds for childcare for state and local candidates. 17 states have now approved this, and we are working to pass campaign funds for childcare in all 50 states by 2023.


The Vote Mama Foundation trains mothers to run for office. By the time American women are 44 years old, 86% of us are mothers. Yet, less than 5% of people in Congress are mothers with school-aged children. If we aren’t supporting mothers running for office, we aren’t supporting the vast majority of American women. Electing moms matters. Moms in Congress with young children write five more bills over the course of their term than other women do, and their legislation is focused on children’s healthcare, paid family leave, childcare, education, and affordable housing for families.


97% of military childcare programs have been independently accredited, versus just 10% of civilian programs, and just 1% of family childcare centers. In 1989, the Military Child Care Act established strict childcare standards for all military programs that greatly exceed requirements for civilian childcare. The Vote Mama Foundation is working to make sure that all American children have access to affordable quality care. 

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