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Columbus Dispatch, June 2021

Should child care be a campaign expense in Ohio? Bill seeks to give candidates the option


Motherly, May 2021

There's a new push to help mothers get involved in politics


Charleston Gazette-Mail, April 2021

Rebekah Aranda: Caregivers need help to be candidates (Opinion)


The New York Times, Feb 2021

The Plight of Women in the Pandemic


The 19th, Aug 2020

Mothers are increasingly running for office. Will COVID-19 sideline their momentum?


Time, April 2020

If America Doesn’t Invest

in Childcare, Who Will Watch Our Kids When We Go Back

to Work?


The Atlantic July 2019

The Job of Campaigning Is Extremely Family-Unfriendly


CNN, May 2018

NY congressional candidate: ‘Our babysitter is just as integral to our team as my campaign manager


Glamour, May 2018

In Groundbreaking Ruling, Moms Running for Congress Can Use Campaign Funds for Child Care


Washington Post, April 2018

Want women to run for Congress? We need someone to watch our kids first

Liuba and chids.jpg

CNBC, June 2021

Campaign-funded child care helps moms run for office — meet the woman making it happen

Roll Call_Ilhan Omar

Roll Call, May 2021

Campaign spending on child care growing steadily since FEC allowed it

Liuba and chids.jpg

USA Today, April 2021

Jobs report to deliver latest evidence of the 'she-cession


Commonwealth Magazine, Feb 2021

Commission backs use of Campaign Funds for Childcare

19th News, Aug 2020

Delaware official rejects statehouse candidate’s request to use campaign funds for

child care


Brennan Center for Justice, Feb 2020

Helping Moms and Dads Become Candidates


Medium, Feb 2019

Louisiana: Where four men have used campaign funds for childcare, but a woman running was denied and told she has “Misplaced Priorities


The Today Show, May 2018

This mom running for Congress wants to use campaign funds for child care


Vox, May 2018

This mom just won the right to

use campaign funds to pay for

child care


Forbes, May 2021

Childcare as a campaign expense? Here's why we need it.

19thNews_Rebecca Mitchell

19th News, May 2021

Only some parents can use campaign funds for child care when running for office. Here's why.


Glamour, Feb 2021

When Something Breaks, Moms Pick Up the Pieces. What Happens When Moms Break?


Forbes, Aug 2020

Electing a Mother as VP? Vote Mama Resoundingly Says Yes


Emerge America, May 2020

Electing More Moms Means Expanding Access to Child Care for Candidates


The Nation, Feb 2020

Rep. Katie Porter Wants to Make It Easier for Single Moms Like Her to Serve in Congress


CNN, May 2018

FEC approves NY candidate’s request to use campaign funds for childcare


NPR, May 2018

FEC Says That Candidates Can Use Campaign funds for Child Care


Elle, April 2018

Mothers Need Childcare to Run for Office. One Candidate Wants to Use Campaign Dollars to Pay for It