Top Fundraising Tips

1. Still do call time, but trust your gut. If someone is on the front lines or directly affected, hold off.

2. Make a hard ask. This is a golden rule of call time and can’t change now. If you don’t ask, a $500 donor could give $25 and you just left $475 on the table.

3. If they say no to your ask, ask lower. And keep asking. Can’t do $500? $250. Can’t do that? $100. Every action someone takes to invest in your campaign makes them more likely to invest further.

4. Stay focused. Remember that you’re not asking for money for you, you’re asking for support of a movement and your ideas.

5. Acknowledge the current situation, but be tactful. Don’t be advantageous. 


6. Try new fundraising methods. Start or engage a finance committee, try joint call time, or host a virtual fundraiser.


7. Do call time in a 90-30 format. 90 minutes of uninterrupted call time, 30 minute break. Make sure that during the 30 minute break, you’re stepping away completely. Go for a walk, spend time with your kids, listen to music, do yoga. Taking a break is important, and even more so now when we’re feeling additional anxiety.


8. Stress urgency. Your campaign still needs to be funded. Discuss the needs to reach voters at home and run an aggressive digital campaign.


9. Offer exclusivity. Send an “insider update email”, offer top donors or prospects an exclusive Zoom call with the candidate, do a virtual dog and pony show.


10. Lean on your bundlers/key supporters. Ask them to make introductions to potential supporters, host fundraisers, or bundle checks.

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