How do candidates use their Campaign Funds for Childcare?

With CFCC, candidates can use their campaign funds for any campaign-related childcare [/dependent care] expense, including nursery school tuition, having a babysitter on staff, and childcare for campaign events.


Candidates should report childcare (and/or dependent care) expenses in the same way they would for any other campaign related expenditure. The specifics for reporting differ by state.

We are tracking the use of Campaign Funds for Childcare in all 50 states. Contact us to let us know if you've used it, and sign and share our pledge.

Why pass legislation if my state already has an ethics ruling?

While ethics commission rulings do empower the candidates that request them to use their Campaign Funds for Childcare, they do not necessarily provide a guarantee for all candidates. There is striking variability in both the scope of these rulings and how they are applied. Advisory opinions can be overturned, whereas legislation is enduring and validating and sends a powerful signal to potential candidates.
Vote Mama Foundation is working to expand and codify these rulings in all 50 states by 2023, as well as to expand awareness of the use of Campaign Funds for Childcare to ensure working parents are empowered to run for office and win.

Can Vote Mama Foundation help me co/sponsor legislation?

How can I help normalize Campaign Funds for Childcare?

​We need to talk about it to normalize it.

  • Spread the word on social media! Tag us on Twitter and Instagram at @votemamafdn and use #CampaignFundsForChildcare and #CFCC so we can amplify!

  • Publish an op-ed. 

  • Sign and share our pledge.